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New all out record of the lowest run in the international cricket

all out record of the lowest run
ICC Cricket World Cup-2019 Stories: The biggest event in the men’s event is the One Day World Cup. At the same time, in Rwanda, a women’s event is a cricket tournament, which is said to be infrequent than the World Cup. In the Quebec Women’s Twenty-20 tournament, some of the ICC Associate countries are fighting.

Tuesday (June 18th) Mali Pramila Cricket Team and Rwanda Pramila Cricket Team were confronted in the second match of the tournament. This match has seen several world records. But the most notable record is that the match was witnessed in the shortest run-out record.

The longest all-time record in international cricket was the all-time record of the Chinese Premier League. This year, the national team went down 14 runs against the Arab Emirates Pramila team. But Mali broke the record, big shame.

The Mali Pramila team, who were bowled out for just 6 runs against Rwanda Pramila, Just one batsman was seen in the team when he was batting to win the toss, even though he (Mariah Sama) did only 1 run. All of them were dismissed by zero runs.

It is the record of the maximum number of batsmen / batsmen in the international match being scored. Rwanda had to bowl to Mali for 9 overs. 5 runs in extra sectors – 2 by, two leg by and 1 wide.

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Rwanda reached the target with 4 balls to play. The 10-wicket win by 116 balls is the most easy win of international cricket.

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