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American Football Conference Tide Contest field set as wins by Steelers, Skipper get Dolphins in


The Pittsburgh Steelers secured the AFC North with a win over the Baltimore Ravens, while the Kansas City Boss dispensed with the Denver Horses from NFL playoff dispute. The Steelers fought against eminent loss to trump the Ravens 31-27 on Christmas day and deny Baltimore a spot in the postseason.


Kansas City then knocked off the Mustangs 33-10 to draw a stage nearer to securing a first-round bye in the playoffs. Routs for Baltimore and Denver helped the Miami Dolphins, who did not play on Sunday but rather got a decent Christmas display.


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The Dolphins (10-5) required the Ravens and Mustangs to lose and that is precisely what happened. With the Mustangs and Carolina Pumas (6-9) wiped out from the playoff picture, it is the first run through since 2003 that both groups from the past Super Bowl will miss the postseason. Neither the Oakland Looters nor Tampa Inlet Marauders could come to the postseason a year subsequent to playing in Super Bowl (Thirty Seven)


Boss tenderfoot Tyreek Slope started an enormous first quarter with a 70-yard touchdown raced to give Kansas City and mid 14-0 lead. The Steelers could secure the AFC North and the third seed because of Antonio Chestnut achieving the ball over the objective line with 9 seconds remaining.



Steelers running back Le’Veon Chime had 20 conveys for 122 yards and got three goes for 15 yards and two aggregate touchdowns. He scored two of Pittsburgh’s three final quarter touchdowns and gave the Steelers a 24-20 leads halfway through the final quarter with an extreme seven-yard gathering. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger kept the play bursting at the seams with his feet before discovering Ringer underneath as he then fueled into the end zone.


Chime even gave a few uplifting statements to Chestnut after the Steelers got this show on the road the ball back after the Ravens had taken a 27-24 lead with a little more than a moment remaining. I let him know he needed to go out there and get the diversion winning touchdown,” Chime told NFL Organize.



After the Mustangs and Ravens were disposed of, the six-group AFC playoff field was set, however the seeds can even now change.


The Marauders (12-3) are on top of the AFC West; however the Boss can win the division on the off chance that they win at the San Diego Chargers (5-10) and the Bandits lose in Denver. The Boss cleared the Marauders this season and can finish an unbeaten division record by beating the Chargers. The Bandits will be without beginning quarterback Derek Carr for the rest of the season after he softened his correct leg up Saturday’s 33-25 wins over the Indianapolis Colts.


While the Boss still has an opportunity to get the number two seed and a first-round bye, they likewise could be the 6th seed. The Dolphins hold a sudden death round over the Boss, so on the off chance that they both complete 11-5, Miami would get the fifth seed. Miami will play host to the Loyalists on Sunday, and New Britain (13-2) can secure home field advantage all through the AFC playoffs with a win.


Accepting the Loyalists remain the top seed, the Marauders or Boss will get the number two with the Steelers and the Houston Texans (9-6) bolted into the third and fourth seeds, individually. The special case groups will be the Dolphins and the Plunderers or Boss, whoever does not win the AFC West.




Despite the fact that it arrived in a losing exertion, Ravens collector Steve Smith got seven goes for 79 yards and now has 1,028 vocation gatherings to move past previous Los Angeles Rams recipient Isaac Bruce (1,024) for twelfth place on the NFL’s unsurpassed gatherings list. Smith, who said after last season he was resigning, will again need to ponder his future.