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Barcelona has nothing to lose-Luis Enrique


Luis Enrique trusts Barcelona have nothing to lose as they hope to pivot a 3-0 first-leg crush against Juventus in the Champions Association quarter-finals on Wednesday.

Barca confront an extreme errand to achieve the last four after a week ago’s mistake in Turin, however have explanation behind confidence in the wake of pulling off an inexplicable rebound in the round of 16 against Paris Holy person Germain, unimaginably advancing 6-5 on total after a 4-0 misfortune in the principal leg.

Luis Enrique acknowledges Barca may require five objectives with a specific end goal to make it to the semis, however, and has exhorted the fans not to leave Camp Nou this time around. We don’t have anything to lose. We just have one alternative and that is to assault, to assault and to continue assaulting,” the Barcelona mentor said at a news gathering.

“We expected to remain quiet against PSG, additionally put it all on the line. We require fewer objectives, just three, yet our goal is to score five objectives in the event that they score also. We must be powerful and put weight on them.

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“We comprehend what we need to do and how we need to do it. I have most likely at some minute we will be close on total. I prompt the fans not to leave in the 80th moment, we saw against PSG what can happen. The rebound against PSG gives explanation behind good faith.”

“We have another opportunity to leave a mark on the world. We will give everything, ideal until the 95th moment. We scored three objectives in three minutes, so everything is conceivable. I trust it will be a unique night for everyone included.