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World Cup 2019: Brathwaite fined by the umpire’s decision

Brathwaite fined
ICC Cricket World Cup-CWC 2019: West Indies all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite has been fined for disagreements with the umpire’s decision. After match against India on June 27, 19 percent of his match fee was deducted and a democratic score was added next to the name.

Brathwaite broke the section 2.8 of the ICC Code of Conduct. Wherever it is said, this penalty will be taken if opposed to the umpire’s decision in the international match.

This happens in the 42nd over of India innings. While Harthik Pandya was batting, Brathwaite said a shot. Then the umpire gave the signal ‘wide’ to it. However, unable to accept Brathwaite could not be seen.

On the right-hander, the match referee Chris Broad complained to four umpires Richard Kettleberg, Richard Illingworth, Michael Gough and Alim Dar. However, no formal hearing was required because Brathwaite admitted his mistake.

Meanwhile, there are two demerit points next to Brathwaite’s name. Earlier, in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, after being dismissed for the West Indies against England, he got the first dismissal point after opposing the umpire’s decision.

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