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Pakistani lawyer filed a case against Sarfaraz Ahmed

Sarfaraz Ahmed
ICC Cricket World Cup-2019: Pakistani lawyer filed a case against Sarfaraz Ahmed for his arrest.Pakistan’s defeat against India is quite disgusting to the cricket fans of the country. However, when it is added again, during the match, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s ‘high-rise’ incident, then it should be as if it is a ‘like-minded old woman, the house of drummer’ A Pakistani lawyer has filed a case against Sarfaraz Ahmed for his alleged involvement in the incident.

On Saturday (January 22th), citing a post from Sadiq, a Pakistani journalist by social media, confirmed the news. Various media confirmed the news.

Sadiq wrote a social media service, a lawyer who filed the case in a court in the Punjab province of the country. It has demanded the arrest of Sarfaraz Ahmed As soon as he returned to his native country, he had been told the detention order.

In the case of the case, Sarfaraz has brought disgraceful shame for Pakistan, losing to India. High during the match he introduced ‘Donkey’. Already it has become viral. This is losing the dignity of the country’s dignity and dignity.

However, Sarfraz Ahmed said in a press conference on rate hitting against India and high on the match, “If Imran Khan suggested earlier batting instead of fielding against Bharati before the batting, the match would not have changed much. I have no regrets about this. Some people started thinking of God themselves in front of television. And it’s a common thing to take high interest in the match, I did not do any sin by doing this. If some people earn money based on my high level, then it is not bad. ‘

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