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Try not to go on the off chance that you can’t play turn, cautions Pietersen to Australian group


One of the key purposes behind England winning their Test visit in India in 2012-13 was the nature of their spinners combined with steely exhibitions from Kevin Pietersen and Alastair Cook. Presently, with Australia set to set out on a four-Test visit to India, Pietersen has thought of guidance for the guests.

Addressing Cricket Australia, Pietersen minced no words and cautioned the Australian batsmen of bettering their capacity to play turn. “You must figure out how to play turn snappy,” he said. “Figure out how to play turn fast. In the event that you can’t play turn, don’t go.

“When you arrive [India] you must practice it, and you can really rehearse it here – I can do turning drills in Australia, I did them … on a South African wicket to ensure that my feet were going and picking length.

“You would, you be able to don’t should be on a turning wicket to play turn legitimately or rehearse turn, you can be on a wicket. It’s about picking length, and picking lines and getting your feet going.”

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The last time Australia won a Test in India was in 2004. In their last trek to Sri Lanka, they were blanked 0-3, broadening their terrible record in the subcontinent. Pietersen said if the Australian batsmen need to be fruitful in Indian conditions, they should be persistent and not approach the ball by planting their front foot early.

“When you begin planting like a great deal of southern side of the equator hitters do – dead,” he noted. “Try not to plant your front foot. Sit tight for the ball, lock in. Where is it? Pick it, and after that play.

“[You have] a lot of time, on the off chance that you can play some individual [bowling] at 150 [km/h] and get into great positions, [you can do it against] someone knocking down some pins at 50 miles 60 minutes. I generally hoped to score. I was continually searching for a limit each and every ball. So I didn’t generally transform, it was recently my feet that needed to change.”

Pietersen rushed to call attention to that the batsmen shouldn’t leave their forceful way to deal with collect runs. “Whack it,” he said. “On the off chance that there are folks around the bat, it means there are chances to score. What’s more, I know in every one of my innings … I was scarcely ever gotten at senseless point or short leg.

“In the event that you have a short leg in, there’s a crevice at 45, there’s a hole at square leg so I can clear your first ball, I can hit your first ball through additional cover or I can rundown the wicket and whack you straight.”

Pietersen additionally felt that the Australians need to play without the dread of inability to do well. “I didn’t ever fear disappointment. I couldn’t have cared less on the off chance that I got out,” he uncovered. “It [is not that] I couldn’t have cared less about my wicket, but rather I rehearsed all around ok to realize that I would have been fruitful. End of story.

“I would have been effective on the grounds that I had self-conviction that I had ability, and I had self-confidence in my practice and my preparation so I realized that I would have been fruitful. What’s more, I had the certainty – it’s not egotism, its certainty – in light of the fact that I rehearsed unbelievably hard and I prepared far from cricket inconceivably hard.”

Australia begin their visit with the main Test in Pune on February 23 preceding making a beeline for Bengaluru, Ranchi and Dharamsala for the rest of the Tests.