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Juventus Star Cristiano Ronaldo released from Rape Case

Cristiano Ronaldo
Football Super Star Stories:  Portuguese Football star Cristiano Ronaldo was finally released from the rape case for a long time. A US prosecutor has released him from the case on Monday.

Former model Kathryn Mayorga accused Ronaldo of being involved. The 6-year-old model claims that Ronaldo had sexually assaulted a hotel in Las Vegas at about 2 years ago.

However, Ronaldo and Mayorga reached a joint agreement outside the court in the 27th. But at the end of last year, the case was reopened. Ronaldo denied the allegations from the beginning.

Which was finally proved through the court. In a formal message on Monday, Las Vegas prosecutors said Myorga had no information to prove the allegations against Ronaldo.

An officer in the county district attorney’s office said the victim of the case had sexually assaulted 25 people. But he could not say where the incident took place or who tortured him. As a result, no further investigation could be made for the police. Police resumed investigations in August last year at Myorga’s request.

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The prosecutor’s message also shows that despite the re-investigation, no strong evidence was found against Ronaldo. For that reason, there will be no further charge against Ronaldo for the case.

An article was published last year against the rape case in the German weekly Magazine of Spiegel. It is mentioned that Mayorga had agreed to the case in the case of Ronaldo in 2007 with $ 100,000. His lawyer said basically.

Despite denying the rape, Ronaldo never said he had never met Myorga. He made it clear that he went to Las Vegas in the 21st, with the consent of the two. Ronaldo used to play at the English club Manchester United.

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