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Di Stefano is a good Player than Lionel Messi


Lionel messi have been achieved Five Ballon D’OR trophies, Eight LaLiga titles and Four Champions League Crowns among others, Barcelona always believe that Messi is a leading goal scorer and to qualify the statement of an opinion he is the greatest player to favor a football field.

Messi, who lost his Ballon d’Or title to Madrid rival Ronaldo on Monday, tops the LaLiga goal scoring charts with 11 after 15 games. However, former Madrid and Brazil forward Canario does not believe the 29-year-old Argentina captain is at the same level as legendary countryman Di Stefano, who won five successive European Cups during his time at the Santiago Bernabeu between 1950 and 1960.

Messi is a great footballer, but he needs to mature a lot if he wants to be like Di Stefano.Messi plays in a few meter areas only. Di Stefano played up and down, he ran, he fought… Messi just doesn’t do that. Di Stefano was a scorer, he defended, he attacked… You won’t find such a complete player among the young ones.

He may be considered by the best of all time by some, but Lionel Messi must mature a lot if he wants to be considered in the same breathe as Real Madrid great Alfredo Di Stefano, according to Canario.Lionel Messi, in Zurich at FIFA last week, was awarded for the third time the greatest footballer of the world award.

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That’s voted by very, very prominent and important journalists, so that is just something really extraordinary.  He’s a tiny little player, but I don’t know if it’s his low body weight, but he seems to be able to stay on his feet when everybody around him seems to be falling.  And some of the goals that he’s scoring are so exciting.  And there are goals where he doesn’t really need much help either.  And I think he’s just a sensational little player and Argentina should be very happy that he’s Argentinian.

Instant before it actually happens that he gets hit.  But if he gets hit he still stays on his feet if he can.  He doesn’t dive.  He stays on his feet and I find in Argentina that that’s general.  That they’re tough players and they’re hard as nails, but they won’t dive.  He’s just a wonderful player.