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James Harden Lifestyle, Net Worth, Wife, Career & Achievements

James Harden Lifestyle

James Harden is an American Professional Basketball Player. He had born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. The basketball superstar James Harden is popularly called much because of his prominent beard as he is due to his play.

The No. 3 pick from the 2009 NBA draft, he began his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, even before a stunning trade to the Houston Rockets at 2012. Harden has emerged as being a perennial MVP candidate, thanks in part to the type of drama that produced a record-setting 60-point triple-double in January 2018.

James Harden Net Worth- $145 Million

James Harden Net worth quotes can be spurious; however it has been projected that in his livelihood James Harden might be worth as much as $145 million, at least according to Celebrity Net worth.

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That amount is not set in stone; however, if it’s even remotely near, it’s a fantastic accomplishment for someone who only recently started his 10th season in the NBA. But because the reigning MVP he’s grown into one of their most public faces to this game.

James Harden’s Career & Achievements

An astonishing high school career in his home country of California,” Harden went into faculty at Arizona State, where he slipped in an intriguing prospect into an of the very greatest from the nation.

Harden’s Wildcats team neglected to make the NCAA tournament in his freshman season, however with the support of his strong season the team radically exceeded expectations, finishing fifth in the Pac 10 Conference and nearly making it to the championship. Harden averaged approximately 18 points a game, and this season found himself as a player to watch from the 2008-09 season.

In 2008-09 season saw Harden increase his points per video game (up beyond 20), assists per video game and rebounds per game. His sophomore Arizona State team improved together with him and forced their way to the NCAA tournament, the sixth-ranked team in the South Regional bracket.

James Harden Girlfriend- Khloé Kardashian

When beginning a romantic connection using Khloé Kardashian at the summer of 2015, Harden found himself at the middle of this ever-swirling press circus surrounding the reality TV clan. The problem did not sit well with the soft-spoken basketball celebrity, who had been considered alleviated after their love fizzled early the next year.

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