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Leading 5 Quickest Hat tricks Ever Recorded on the World

5 Quickest Hat tricks Ever Record

Premier League returns this weekend following having a mixed bag of results for clubs in UEFA Champions and also Europa Leagues. The game will be on Sunday evening at Anfield between Champions and the present leaders Manchester City against Liverpool. It’s a must win for Jurgen Klopp if his side stands a chance. Manchester United will sponsor Newcastle United in a must-win clash, Arsenal and Chelsea will play Fulham and Southampton away while Tottenham will amuse Cardiff at Wembley Stadium. Now, as we wait to come back, let’s take a examine five ever listed on earth.

1. Tommy Ross- 1 min 30 Second

Ross County vs Nairn County, November 28, 1964: Tommy Ross holds the record for its World speediest. He got the Guinness World Records certification. It is overwhelming to think about three goals in 90 seconds now that is special.

2. Eduardo Maglioni- 1 min 50 Second

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Independiente vs Gimnasia de la Plata, March 18, 1973: The sixties and seventies had been years three of the fastest, for example, Eduardo Maglioni record of 1 minute 50 minutes, in football terms.

3. Jimmy O’Connor- 2 mins 13 Second

Jimmy O’Connor

Shelbourne vs Bohemians, November 19, 1967: We do not have to know far from the Ireland premier league for reasons that are obvious but on November 19th, 1967 Jimmy O’Connor two minutes 13 seconds. It is the fastest in the United Kingdom.

4. James Hayter- 2 mins 21 Second

James Hayter

Bournemouth vs Wrexham, February 2-4, 2004: James Hayter hat trick in 2 minutes and 21 seconds at the year 2004 is the most recent effort by any player to get in the top five and now we have to agree he did well.

5. Ephraim Dodds- 2 mins 30 Second

Blackpool vs Tranmere, 28 February 1943: Ephraim Dodds will be your player in the top five. The Blackpool legend needed two minutes and 30 minutes to complete the on this list.

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