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Lionel Messi was fined $ 1500 and one match banned

Lionel Messi was fined
Copa America Cup 2019: Lionel Messi could no longer hold his grudge after Argentina were knocked out of the semifinals at Copa América in Brazil. He accused the host Brazil and the match referees of being ‘corrupt’.

Not only did he hesitate to listen to the match referees, but also raised questions about the responsibilities of Latin American football authorities to the constables. As a result, they have to face punishment. Though he had anticipated the punishment he would receive earlier, this time it was announced. However, Messi survived.

The rumor was, as he opened his mouth, that Messi could be banned for two years. However, thefive-time ‘Ballon d’Or’ winning  player was not so hard on the constable. He was banned for one match, with a $ 5 fine.

Messi will likely not be able to play for Argentina in the first qualifier of the 2022 World Cup as a result of the ban.

Constable gave another bad news to Argentina football on Tuesday. They have removed the Argentine Football Association chief, Claudio Tapia, from FIFA’s official delegation. Tapia also criticized Constable during his move to Copa America.

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Remarkably, after losing the match against Brazil, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni claimed that Argentina was eligible to play in the final. Maceio complains about bad referrals. Argentina was named in the third-place match between these discussions. There is another setback.

Messi clashed with Chilean defender Gary Medal after Paulo DiBala extended the ball into the field in the third minute of the third-place match against Chile at Corinthian Arena. Messi was unmatched even though the medal was repeatedly pushed.

However, the referee also showed Messi a red card with the medal for the offense of encouraging him to foul and hit him in the head. Argentina won the match, but the Argentine himself did not come to the awards ceremony to take the medal as the third member of the team.

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