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Sakib Al Hasan a Unique Celebrity as an All-Rounder

Sakib Al Hasan
ICC Cricket World Cup-2019: Shakib Al Hasan, who is specially prepared for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, is no stranger to that. The result of that hard work is getting hands-on. Shakib was standing in front of a unique show as the first all-rounder in the World Cup history.

In this World Cup, the fastest 5000 runs and 250 wickets in one-day cricket, the fastest 6,000 runs and 250 wickets has been recorded by the Bangladeshi all-rounder. There is a chance to break the record. But Shakib is standing in front of a record which nobody can break.

The first recorded record of anything is never broken. The record of Mahindra Amarnath, who has been immortal, has been the record of Dennis Ambrose’s 1st Century, or the 1st wicket of the World Cup. Shakib was the first all-rounder in World Cup history, with 1000 runs and 30 wickets at the same time.

Shakib had scored 540 runs in 21 innings in the last 3 World Cups. And he scored 384 runs in the first match of the Twenty20 in the World Cup. After the match against Windies, he has scored 924 runs.

This left-arm all-rounder has taken 28 wickets in the last three World Cups with 23 wickets in this match, now 28 wickets in total. Only two wickets and 76 runs will be the first player in the World Cup history to score 1,000 runs and 30 wickets in the list of ‘Shakib Al Hasan’.

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All-rounder Steve Waugh and Sri Lankan all-rounder Sanath Jayasuriya were very close to this record. Pace all-rounder Waugh took 27 wickets in 3 World Cups with 978 runs in 33 matches. Jayasuriya, who scored 385 runs in five World Cups in the World Cup, could not reach the mark with a bat (1165 runs) in hand. It was 27 wickets.

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