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Australia’s Shaun Marsh has knocked out of the (ICC World Cup 2019)

Australia's Shaun Marsh
ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC-2019): Australia’s Shaun Marsh has knocked out of the (ICC World Cup 2019). First of all, Australia has confirmed that the semifinals are still at the top of the table. But in the meantime the team has received a bad news. The team’s experienced star batsman Shaun Marsh’s World Cup ended due to injury.

Shaun Marsh injured by teammate Pat Cummins while practicing in the nets two days ago. At the time, it was speculated that Marsh may have been studied in a big way. It is known now that his hand has been cracked. Therefore, there should be long time out of the field.

Peter Handscombay, the pacer, has opened his forehead in this critical time. In the World Cup squad, he became the center of discussion without getting to the place. However, the teammate’s injury has allowed the wicket keeper batsman to make the World Cup.

The loss of the oziers was lost to Marsh. But there is not a chance to say this ‘very big loss’. In the Twenty20 World Cup, only two matches have been played in the Mars field. New Zealand XI, Windies, England and Sri Lanka have played in preparatory matches before the World Cup 2019. However, there was no justice in his name. The other great form of the team so much that he bribe the team. In the World Cup, there was a chance in the match against Pakistan and Sri Lanka but could not do well.

Till now, Australia have won 7 matches in seven matches. Five matches are lost, five times in the top of the points table. Aging to keep the title, Azira does not give the fight to the field before the semifinals so much the discount.

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