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Steve Smith Missed rest of the BPL sixth Session

Steve Smith
Former Australia captain Steve Smith will soon undergo an elbow surgery which could put him out of action for six weeks. The right-handed batsman abandoned Bangladesh to observe health practitioners in Australia.

He had an MRI test which suggested severe harm to the ligament of his or her elbow. Reports demonstrated that Smith is predicted to take a brace for a few weeks and will need to go through extensive rehabilitation. So, it will be too early to say that date to get Smith’s return to competitive cricket.

Smith has been skippering Victorians in the BPL but played with just two matches. He had been spotted heavily strapping his bothersome elbow place during those matches. This means he will miss the remaining games of the ongoing Bangladesh premier league (BPL) in addition to Pakistan Super League along with Indian Premier League.

Comilla Victorians were anticipating to join the squad after some checkups at home. However, a local media report indicated that he would likely undergo an operation on Tuesday. Smith is presently serving a year-long ban with this engagement in ball tampering scandal in last March in South Africa.


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