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The theme Song of ICC World Cup-2019 is titled ‘Stand by’

theme Song of ICC World Cup-2019
ICC World Cup 2019 Stories: The theme Song of ICC World Cup-2019 is titled ‘Stand by’. After 17 days from today (May 12) the screen will be the biggest venue of the Cricket World Cup 2019. Upcoming Cricket World cup frenzy has already spread around the world. And this frenzy will be released next Monday to further enhance the official theme of the ICC Cricket World Cup-2019. The song, ‘Stand By’, has a vocal appeal to the UK’s renowned band Rudimental and young singer Lorin.

Rudimental is very popular outside the UK. After the debut in 2011, more than two billion albums have been sold. And Lorin young emerging singer He threw the crowd around his arrival song. They are now waiting for the new official to sing the official song of the ICC.

This year’s World Cup will last for a long time. By changing the type of tournament, the number of matches in this year’s league system is 48. At this time ‘satand bai’ seems to be a global response, organizers said. “We want to highlight our tradition, our culture and our noble London with the world through music,” said Piers Agate, a member of the Rudimental band.

Another member of the band, Laxmeth, said, “The main message of this song is unity. Forgetting the class divisions, this song is about everyone’s original mantra. “

The theme of this year’s World Cup 2019 will be broadcasting first on BBC Radio. BBC Radio will broadcast a special event with the former England captain, with Greg James and former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff present.

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Note that this year’s World Cup will start on May 30 and it will continue till July 14. The 10 teams are two groups and play against each other. The two groups from the two groups will get the chance to play the semifinals.

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