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Top 5 Players with the Most Powerful Shots in 2018 survey

Top 5 Players

Having a powerful shot is quite useful in football, no matter what. Some players can unleash fury shots from 30 yards out to locate the internet due to their speed and power. Soccer lovers enjoy them, and goalkeepers editors hate them love them and call them specialists. Here are the top 5 players with the most powerful shots.

1. Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)

Philippe Coutinho is now synonymous with fantastic efforts. Since linking Barcelona this past season, objects have been scored by the Small Magician from to his foot. Because they’re aware the freshwater could bomb their hands every moment really; goalkeepers hate him.

2. Paul Pogba (France)

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Paul Pogba has a shot when they could get it done and when he wants. His football memories will soon e high in some of the best successes at Juventus. Even Pogba remains the one who chooses free kicks from a distance thanks to the wildest power he’s in his or her thigh.

3. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Scoring free-kicks, after eliminating defenders shooting outside the box, or anything else, Messi remains an exclusion king of this chunk. The Argentinian is effective at altering the match as a result of his footballing abilities that are outstanding. You realize it all.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

Ibrahimovic has shown he’s capable of such a thing, burning and even breaking off the keepers’ hands from beyond the package. The era may be knocking door that is hi-tech; however, Zlatan scores aim now.

5. Jordan Henderson (England)

Jordan Henderson will not score many targets. He can; the nets need to believe that the existence of the ball. The Liverpool captain can be a pro and also he could be among the men in the group.

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