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Top 6 Defenders In the World, Who are the Best from Others Right Now

Top 6 Defenders

The football is predicated on the concept of Football of Cuff just like never before. It seems ordinary to observe strikers also watch aims that are defenders. However, that will be the defenders who traveled far to eventually become goalscorers as though these were strikers? Listed below are the 6 most defenders in the world.

1. Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid)

You must be aware he is wholly special, when 9-3 livelihood targets are reached by a guardian. That really is what generates Sergio Ramos that exactly the best goal guardian. What sets him apart is his urge, although Ramos can be actually just really a threat from set pieces. His moments’ aims will forever be on the heads of soccer fans.

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2. Naldo (Brazil, Schalke 04)

Brazilian defender who has already reached 70 livelihood goal. The Brazilian has Could not score for the Brazil team. Naldo is an Excellent striker Of the ball, free kicks at specialist, and dangerous from set pieces as well. Naldo is the insane Scored for each club he played at, on the period of his career.

3. Gerard Pique (Spain, Barcelona)

Gerard Pique

It’s rare to find that a guardian. Gerard Pique gets got the listing of scoring annually for Barcelona. It really is exactly precisely what makes him among the best center backs of this game. He’s written, attentive from the mailbox and serene, that leaves him counterattacks in addition to a threat throughout collection bits.

4. Marcos Alonso (Spain, Chelsea)

Marcos Alonso has changed into a pub after connecting Chelsea out of Fiorentina before this 2016/17 season. Season scored 6 goals in his debut, the left back has a foot. He has played his left foot with headers for Chelsea. He’s a specialist, along together with his footers.

5. Thomas Meunier (Belgium, PSG)

Thomas Meunier

Club PSG. Meunier scores with runs that are overdue to the playground, Thomas Meunier Returned to score at the Champions League for his Is potent and accurate, Where his best foot. The Belgian has 48 career Targets, With 6 out of his team and 42 aims from the clubs.

6. Marcelo (Brazil, Real Madrid)


Marcelo is ready A defender. He has scored 33 goals in looks for Real To assault, prepared also has a fantastic goal scoring record also to bomb the left flank Distance for a shooter. He’s got nearly all Brazilians and the perfect left-foot. Madrid. Marcelo also create and also uses his feet that are smart to shed his guy.