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Top Six Most Paying Sports Tournaments by Prize Money

Top Six Most Paying Sports Tournaments

Premier League will return to our screens this weekend. Arsenal and Manchester City can play with Watford and Brighton. Tottenham will pile more misery. Chelsea will welcome League leaders Liverpool at Stamford Bridge from the late kickoff. You would like to check at the highest paying sports events globally by prize money, today. NOTE: All Of Football Leagues have not been contained. Just tournaments like UCL, Europa, World cup & EURO, create the listing.

1. Formula One- €165M

Lewis Hamilton

Ferrari finished 2nd however they took home the largest prize money. This could be because of special clauses in their contract that’s been set up for decades. The racing company took home $165 million compared to. Lewis Hamilton and Bottas delivered the general name for drivers and constructors.

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2. UEFA Champions League-€100M Winners

Real Madrid took 100 million

Real Madrid took 100 million after they conquered Liverpool 3 1 at UEFA Champions League final. That is because the prize money keeps rising. More past year, the sum is set to grow. It’s an excellent motivation for nightclubs to keep on signing stars to attempt to lift the trophy. Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo to test to lift the crown that’s lasted to spoil them.

3. FIFA World Cup- $38M Winners

FIFA World Cup

France conquered Croatia 4-2 at 2018 World Cup final in Russia to get hold of $38 million in prize money. The Cup was not lifted by Luka Modric; however, his negative took home $28 million. England and Belgium took 24 million and $22 million finishing fourth and third respectively.

4. EURO- $29M Winners

Portugal pocketed $29 million when they defeated France 1-0 in 20-16 to lift European Crown. It had been the first title for Cristiano Ronaldo, and also he could not hold his tears. The money inside was not critical because of him personally. Lionel Messi has never won anything despite reaching several finals. This is why it was so vital for CR7.

5. MLB (World Series)- $22.5M Winners

Major League Baseball is a Very More sport in the United States. According to some accounts, it’s by far the championship at the USA. The remainder of the earth doesn’t understand it but what’s that there was money. The Latest winner of Earth show obtained $22.5 million.

6. UEFA Europa League- $16.4M Winners

UEFA Europa League is the 2nd tier competition. Top nightclubs do not like the tournament as it involves travelling to far places. The games are also played Thursdays, which makes it hard for players to rest before weekend games. Where they had played with PAOK on a Thursday night against West Ham, Chelsea pulled for example after a delayed yield from Greece. However, $16.4m expects winners of their contest. Atletico Madrid failed to do well at UEFA Champions League last season, however afterwards falling down Europa was won by them.

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