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Just 7 Goalkeepers Ever with Premier-league Golden Gloves

7 Goalkeepers

Premier league fans will need to wait around for at least two weeks to relish club football again as it’s time to get the International break. Three teams tied at the top are being looked very interesting by the English division. Manchester City is not having their way like last season because Chelsea and Liverpool are currently staying close. We want to celebrate accomplishments that are goalkeepers today. Because the award was launched in 2004, you would like to comprehend seven shot-stoppers with Premier League Golden Gloves.

1. Petr Cech- 4 Golden Gloves

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has lifted four Golden Gloves awards because it was launched in 2004. In reality, that the Czech Republic international has been the very first man to raise it if it was started. He helped Chelsea win against the premier league under Jose Mourinho in 2004/05 season with 2 4 clean sheets. It remains a listing so far. He won it again in 2009/10 (17 clean sheets), 2013/14 (16 clean sheets), and 2015/16 (16 wash sheets) season in Gunners colours. The League all-time sheets record that is clean is additionally held by him.

2. Joe Hart- 4 Golden Gloves

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England goalkeeper Joe Hart is just a winner of four Golden Gloves award. Of the awards were raised by the shot-stopper throughout his time. He acquired it at 2010/11 (18 wash sheets), 2011/12 (17 wash sheets), 2012/13 (18 wash sheets), also 2014/15 (14 wash sheets) seasons. ) This summer hart combined Burnley to a deal, and he’s succeeding.

3. Pepe Reina- 3 Golden Gloves

Liverpool legend Pepe Reina raised three premier-league Golden Gloves in Anfield throughout his stint. The Spaniard maintained 19, 20, along with 18 sheets to lift the award in three years. He plays for Serie A side AC Milan.

4. Edwin van der Sar- 1 Golden Glove

Edwin van der Sar

A Premier League Golden Glove was retired using by former Manchester United shot-stopper Edwin van der Sar. The Netherlands international lifted the award in 2008/09 season when he helped his side lift the Premier League title with 2 1 wash sheets. All of us remember the Red Devils lifted UEFA Champions League in the same year.

5. Wojciech Szczęsny- 1 Golden Glove

Wojciech Szczęsny

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny lifted the Golden glove at 2013/14 year old. The Poland International was thrown to the profound ending in his career with Arsene Wenger, but he did. He kept 16 sheets that season to beat Joe Hart and Petr Cech for the award-winning. He was the man to triumph the Gianluigi Buffon in Juventus.

6. Thibaut Courtois- 1 Golden Glove

Thibaut Courtois

Former Chelsea shot-stopper Thibaut Courtois raised his just Golden Glove at 2016/17 season if he retained 16 clean sheets that will help his side lift the Premier League title under new manager Antonio Conte. He awakened London to get Madrid.

7. David De Gea- 1 Golden Glove

David De Gea

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea finally won premier-league Golden Gloves award after keeping 18 clean sheets. It was his first time since he came from Atletico Madrid in 2011, to win it. The Spaniard is currently the seventh shot-stopper because it was launched in 2004, to lift the award. It’s also the next time when it was won by Edwin van der Sar; it is being won by the Red Devils since 2008/09. It is an excellent motivation for those men between those posts.

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