Biography of John Cena


WWE the super hero ‘John Cena‘ Felix Anthony  is an American expert wrestler who is right now marked to WWE. John Cena began his expert wrestling vocation in 2000, wrestling for Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where he held the UPW Heavyweight Championship. The next year, John Cena marked an agreement with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he was the OVW Heavyweight Champion and one of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions.


John Cena was conceived April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Calling himself “The Prototype,” he caught the UPW title in 2000. In 2001 he marked an agreement to work at Ohio Valley Wrestling. He caught the OVW heavyweight title in February 2002, at that point made his WWE make a big appearance that June. After two years, he took the United States Championship. From that point forward he has indented many wins and titles.

Early Life

Proficient wrestler, on-screen character. Conceived John Felix Anthony Cena on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, the second of John, Sr. furthermore, Carol Cena’s five young men.

At an early age, Cena demonstrated an energy for games and working out. When he was 15 he was a normal rec center rodent and, subsequent to graduating secondary school, Cena took off to Springfield College in Massachusetts to ponder practice physiology and demonstrate his value on the football field. At Springfield, Cena transformed himself into a Division III All-American hostile lineman and group skipper.

In 2000, the new college alumni left the Bay State regardless of his dad’s desires, looking for another life in California as a muscle head. It wasn’t a simple change for the 6-foot 1-inch yearning star. He had only $500 in his pocket to make it crosswise over nation and get settled. To bring home the bacon, he collapsed towels and cleaned toilets at a Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. What’s more, since he couldn’t bear the cost of a loft, he shacked up in his 1991 Lincoln Continental.

Raid into Wrestling

In any case, the defining moment came in mid 2000, amid an easygoing discussion Cena had with a wrestler at Gold’s who urged the rec center worker to take classes at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), a previous World Wrestling Entertainment formative organization.

For Cena, the recommendation of finding success with it as a wrestler wasn’t an altogether extraordinary thought. His dad, John, Sr. (a.k.a. Johnny Fabulous) brought home the bacon as a wrestling host and specialist. As a child experiencing childhood in rural Massachusetts, the more youthful Cena spent numerous hours stuck to the TV as he watched his wrestling legends, for example, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels go at it in the ring.

As a wrestler himself, Cena’s rising was quick. Calling himself “The Prototype,” the eager Cena caught the UPW title on April 27, 2000, in San Diego, California. Through the span of the following year, Cena drew the consideration of WWE administrators, and in 2001 the youthful enterntainer marked a formative contract with the organization to work at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

WWE Debut

Cena caught the OVW heavyweight title in February 2002, at that point made his WWE make a big appearance that June when he joined with the Smackdown list. Only two years after the fact, Cena brought home the United States Championship, crushing The Big Show in March 2004 in Wrestlemania XX.

In the years since, Cena has indented many wins and titles. In 2007, he turned into the principal wrestler to ever come up successful against Edward “Umaga” Fatu.

En route Cena, whose great looks and chiseled physique have earned him the title “The Marky Mark of Wrestling”, has significantly expanded his VIP. Like Hogan, Cena has demonstrated that his dramatic skill in the ring traverses into scenes outside of it.

Ventures Outside Wrestling

Through the generation wing of WWE, Cena has featured in two activity films, The Marine (2006) and 12 Rounds (2009), the last highlighting the wrestler attempting to spare his better half from a pack of fear based oppressors in New Orleans.

What’s more, Cena, who has long had a liking for hip-bounce culture, turned into a chronicle craftsman when his rap album, You Can’t See Me, hit record stores in 2005. The chronicle appeared on the U.S. Billboard chart at No. 15.

His credits likewise incorporate appearances on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.In 2015, Cena got basic acclaim for his acting abilities in the hit comedy Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow and composed by the movie’s star Amy Schumer.

Cena played Schumer’s touchy muscle-bound boyfriend. “I got my opportunity to toss my comical inclination out into the world, and in the meantime play this hulky person who’s a softy, which, all things considered, I’m an extremely passionate person,” Cena told Business Insider.

In his own life, Cena wedded his better half, Elizabeth Huberdeau, in July 2009. In May 2012, Cena petitioned for separate, professedly stunning Huberdeau. Their chaotic partition played out in the media, yet they inevitably settled in July of that year.

In 2012, Cena started dating individual WWE whiz Nikki Bella. On April 2, 2017, he proposed to Bella after they vanquished The Miz and Maryse in a label group coordinate at Wrestlemania 33.