UEFA Champions League Prize Money-2018 : “Winners to gain upwards of €100 million”


UEFA has declared the prize cash pool for 2017-18 Champions League season and around €1.3 billion will be circulated among Champions League members from qualifying final rounds. A year ago Real Madrid beat Juventus in the Final of 2017 Champions League to hold the title yet it was Juventus who brought home greater piece of Prize Money.

Real Madrid made around €89.5 million (that is €54.2m in execution based cash and another €35.3m in showcase pool) While Juventus took €101.1 million ($50.6m in advertise pool and another €51.1m execution based). The following is the whole breakdown and clarification on how UEFA appropriate Champions League television cash.

UEFA has declared a few noteworthy changes in front of the 2017-18 Champions League season and that incorporates increment in prize cash in addition to 15% expansion in TV piece of the overall industry for head class groups. We investigate how UEFA disseminate champion’s class income among groups crosswise over entire Europe.

Circulation framework clarified:

The evaluated yearly gross income from all UEFA rivalries (Champions League, Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup) is brought together and put in 1 pot. UEFA evaluates around €2.35 billion to be produced in 2017-18. From focal pot 12% (€282m) is deducted by UEFA for Admin and rivalry costs another 8% (€199.7m) is utilized as solidarity installments to clubs and national FAs.

From residual €1.86 billion another 8% is saved by UEFA for European football and stay with UEFA. The rest €1.7187 billion is utilized to appropriate among clubs in the two Champions association and Europa League. For 2017-18 season €1.3189 billion is apportioned for Champions League pot and €399.8 million for Europa League.

2017-18 Prize Money Fund:

UEFA Champions League is by a long shot the most elevated prize cash paying rivalry on the planet, no doubt it’s hard to believe, but it’s true much more than Football World Cup and for 2017-18 season we see another 10% expansion contrasted with 2015-16 season where €1.257 billion was dispersed among groups in champions association from playoffs to the victors. We investigate this year’s champion’s association finances and how they will be disseminated.

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 Prize Money Fund Distribution:

So how does the dissemination of €1.3189 billion works among Champions League member and groups who play in Champions League qualifiers however neglect to achieve assemble stages? The aggregate prize cash pool (€1.3189 billion) is separated into two bits.

POT 1: UEFA Champions League 2017-18 Fixed Amount Distribution:

STAGE Total Fixed Amount: €761.9 million
Playoff Bonus €50 million distributed to 20 teams who participated in playoffs. €2m each for playoff winners and €3 million each for eliminated teams.
Participation Bonus €12.7 million (Guaranteed) for each 32 teams who play in the group stages
Performance Bonus  €1.5 million for every win & €500,000 for every draw in group stages
Round of 16  €6 million each for 16 teams
Quarter Finals  €6.5 million each for 8 teams
Semifinals  €7.5 million each for 4 teams
Runner Ups €11 million
Final  €15.5 million
Potential Total Winner of 2017-18 champions league can earn between €54m to €57.2m from “Fixed Amount” pot. Plus Market pool money which can easily elevate total earnings of winners from England, Spain, Germay or Italy around €100 million (prize money + market pool)


POT 2: Market Pool (€507 million) Distribution:

UEFA has declared €507 million in showcase pool cash for every one of the following three champion’s class seasons. Which will be conveyed concurring relative estimation of every TV showcase (Country/League)? So the market pool granted to every nation’s class will be conveyed among the groups from that alliance as indicated by their execution in past association season and what number of matches they will play in the given champions alliance season.

English clubs will profit the most with the new Market Pool conveyance framework and If an English club were to win the champions class in 2017-18 season they will acquire more than €110 million (around €55m from execution based + another €50m/€60m with showcase pool).

On the off chance that FC Basel was to win the Champions League they won’t make as much as Real Madrid or Barcelona did over the most recent few years. Why? in light of the market estimation of the group. Groups originating from top 4 European Leagues get the greater lump of the market pool.

Each League (not groups) gets particular market pool cash as per the UEFA Ranking of European Leagues, and for instance last season from Spain Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Real Sociedad played in assemble arranges so the aggregate market pool for Spain was shared between four groups. Where Barcelona got €24.6 million, Real Madrid €20 million, Atletico got €17 million and Real Sociedad got €8.5 million in advertise pool cash.

Juventus then again got enormous €58.20 million from advertise pool cash on the grounds that exclusive them and AS Roma from Italy played in the gathering stages and Roma thumped out in bunch stages leaving Juventus with tremendous bit.

So the Market Pool offered out to other low positioned associations like Ukraine, Russia and so on is much lower so the clubs from those nations get less cash regardless of whether they over accomplish and meet all requirements for the later phases of the champions League.

The amount Real Madrid and Liverpool are required to earn for their 2017-18 Champions League run?

Real Madrid are playing Juventus in the last of 2018 Champions League, hoping to hold the title and set to stash around €89.5 million from their 2017-18 European crusade. While Juventus will make around €101.1 million more than Madrid in light of greater lump of Italian market pool cash going Juventus way.

Genuine Madrid will gain around €35.3 million in showcase pool cash in addition to €55.7m in execution based cash on the off chance that they win the 2018 last hoisting their aggregate to a monstrous €90.8 million.

Liverpool will get around €31.6 million in advertise pool in addition to €56.2m in execution based making amazing aggregate of €87.8 million in the event that they figure out how to win the champions alliance and €83.3 million on the off chance that they lose the last.

2017-18 Champions League Final List:

STAGE Real Madrid Liverpool
Participation Bonus €12.7 million €12.7 million + €2m for qualifying through playoffs
Performance Bonus  €7.5 million (for winning 4 group games and drawing 1) €6 million (for winning 3 group games + 3 Draws)
Market Pool  €35.3 million €31.6 million
Round of 16  €6 million €6 million
Quarter Finals  €6.5 million €6.5 million
Semifinals  €7.5 million €7.5 million
Finals  €15.5 million (winners) / €11 million(Runners-up) €15.5 million (winners) / €11 million(Runners-up)
TOTAL  €90.8 million if winners or €86.3 million if runner ups €87.8 million if winners or €83.3 million if runner ups


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