Fear of talking about ‘cheating’ Maria Sharapova!


As much as the match touches the match, the end of the match is shorter, the cooler. Some of the players who have been sharply critical since the returning to Maria Sharapova Tennis Court, one of them is Eugene Bushard.

Bourdard lost in the 7-5, 2-6, 6-4 win over Sharapova in a three-hour fight to the second round of the Madrid Madrid Open. Just a few days ago, this Canadian tennis star had called Sharapova a “deceiver” Yesterday said many people want to open mouth with Sharapova.

But afraid to talk tennis players Bushard gave an explanation of why he was afraid. Sharapova is very dear to the powerful people of tennis Bushard has been accused of giving Sharapova an unfair opportunity.

Sharapova banned Maldonium in the 2015 Australian Open He returned to the court a few days before the 15-month ban. Bushard felt that Sharapova should be banned for life. Instead, he is being treated with clapping. Not only that, Sharapova is playing in the big tournament without getting wild card without effort.

Bushard said, “I’m getting more inspiration to play today’s match. Very inspiring, because many people have secretly told me good luck before today’s match. Many players that are not very familiar, many people in the world of tennis sent me messages, supported me in this match. Not only for myself, I also wanted to win this man. ‘

Then he claimed, “I understand that, most people agree with my opinion. But they might be afraid to open mouth like me. But personally they gave me a lot of support. I was really excited and inspired. ‘Source: AFP