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Finally, the ICC opened its mouth on the controversial threshold

ICC opened its mouth on the controversial threshold
ICC Cricket World Cup-2019 Final: Finally, the ICC opened its mouth on the controversial threshold. England, whose father, the father of cricket, has won the title of the ICC Cricket World Cup title for the first time in a dramatic final, losing New Zealand.

In the breathtaking final match, the first match is the main match. As a result, in the super over in the game, there are two teams of equal 15 runs. In the end, England were the champions in the World Cup championships. But this match has created a controversy.

England needed 9 runs to win the last 3 balls of the innings. Left-arm spinner Ben Stokes put on a run in the last over by pushing Trent Boult’s fourth ball to deep mid-wicket.

Stokes and Adil Rashid ran for two runs in that order to reduce the gap. Martin Pagetty was fielding at the boundary boundary. He did not hit the stumps for a run out of Stokes, nor did any fielder go.

Stokes, who came out of the run-out to avoid the ball, came out of the boundary and came out of the boundary. Extra Boundary Together the two batsmen have to move twice. The result was declared by 6 runs on the field umpire Kumar Dharmasena.

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After the match, he made a tweet about the incident, and five-time umpire Simon Taufel Before Stokes’ second run, England were to get five runs from the fall, and Stokes would have to stay there after being thrashed by Guptill.

Since this comment from Toufel, the incident has started with discussion in several discussions and criticisms. This is the highest regulatory body of the game. “The umpires decide on the rules according to their interpretation and we can not comment on any decision,” ICC spokesman Randeep Hooda said.

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