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ICC changes the rules of penalty slow-over rate

penalty slow-over rate
ICC’s Slow-Over Rate Penalty: The ICC’s annual meeting was held in London the following day. There are some important decisions that are made there, including slow over-rate punishment. For the slow over rate, the captain had to get the maximum punishment so far. Even the ban was imposed on the captains until the ban was imposed.

From now on, the captain will no longer be banned due to slow over rate. The ICC passed the new rules in their board meeting. The ICC said in a statement. However, he was not completely exempted from the punishment. The entire team will be punished for slow over rates.

The ICC Cricket Committee recommended that the captain be punished for slow over-rate. The ICC board passed it. The ICC World Test Championship begins this year. Will continue till 2021. The Ashes series starts on August 7 with the World Cup in Tests. Earlier, the ICC announced new rules.

The Cricket Guardian said in a statement: “At the end of the match at the World Test Championship, watching the record over-rate will reduce the two competition points over and over. However, despite being repeated this, the captain will not be banned anymore. Because every player is responsible for the slow-over rate. So every cricketer in the team will have the same fine.”

Previously, the captain would have banned one match or two matches for a slow-over rate twice in one year. From now on, the captains of each team will be fined. The ICC has also agreed to a no-ball replay recommended by the cricket committee. Its trial will start from next month.

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