In the World Highest Paid Handball Players 2018 (Final List)

Over the most recent couple of years, Handball is developing as a game exceptionally in European nations and a portion of the best players are getting contracts coordinating other best games. A French magazine a year ago uncovered the points of interest of the most generously compensated competitors in France.

The main handball player name said in the rundown is Mikkel Hansen. As indicated by the reports he get paid €80,000 every month from PSG handball group. The following is the breakdown of best 10 most generously compensated Handball players

Nikola Karabatić and Mikkel Hansen these two procuring huge cash from the handball clubs. Their yearly compensations assessed from €1.5-1 million a year. Here today we will present to you the rundown of most procuring handball player as of now dynamic and playing for their clubs. The information of the compensations taken from put stock in sources (crunchy sports, forbes, the wealthiest and business insider). Barely any player’s compensations are evaluated in light of the fact that all handball groups not open their player’s income.

Highest Paid Handball Players in the World 2018(Final List):

Players Club Base Salary
Mikkel Hansen PSG Handball €1.5 million
Nikola Karabatić PSG Handball €900,000
Daniel Narcisse PSG Handball €700,000
Hans Lindberg Füchse Berlin €650,000
Ferrán Solé Fenix Toulouse Handball €500,000
Cédric Sorhaindo FC Barcelona Handbol €450,000
Érick Mathé Montpellier Handball €400,000
Niclas Ekberg THW Kiel €400,000
Lasse Andersson FC Barcelona Handbol €350,000
Ondřej Zdráhala St.Gallen €250,000


1. Mikkel Hansen-(PSG Handball) Annual Salary €1.5 million

Mikkel Hansen the main player who made his name among the wealthiest competitors in playing France. As indicated by L’equipe Hansen gets paid €80,000 month to month from his handball group. The financial plan of PSG handball group is (€8.5 million) and Hansen winning €1.5 million a year which incorporate reward cash for the execution and underwriting profit.

2. Nikola Karabatić-(PSG Handball) Annual Salary €900,000

France most costly player right now dynamic in handball none other at that point (Nikola Karabatić). He wins (€40,000) month to month from the club and toward the finish of each season makes (€900,000). His profit expanded 20% in most recent two years from €500,000 in the wake of marking another agreement manage PSG handball group.

3. Daniel Narcisse-(PSG Handball) Annual Salary €700,000

Some stunning exhibitions with club and national group earned him epithet of (Air France). Narcisse procure (€32,500) month to month wage from the club. His profit surpasses more 600k to 700k each season. That incorporates 50k underwriting profit and 50k reward cash on base of his season exhibitions.

4. Hans Lindberg-(Füchse Berlin) Annual Salary €650,000

Hans Lindberg a standout amongst the most prominent player in Denmark after Hansen. Lindberg right now playing for the German club (Füchse Berlin) sources guaranteed, he acquires (€40,000) every month from the club. Toward the finish of the each season Lindberg sacks (€650k) which incorporates €50k underwriting profit and reward pay.

5. Ferrán Solé-(Fenix Toulouse Handball) Annual Salary €500,000

Ferrán Solé at present playing in the (France Handball League) and fifth most paid hotshot in the alliance with yearly compensation assessed (€500,000) every year. Sole win (€30,000) every month from the club compensation contract. He as of late shows up with Spain group in Euro Men’s Handball Championship 2018.

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