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Croatia Star Luka Modric-Lifestyle, Net worth, Girlfriend, and Cars

Luka Modric-Lifestyle
Luka Modric’s journey from Croatian war child into the world’s best footballer was celebrated Monday if the Spanish Club Real Madrid midfielder hoisted the Ballon d’Or.
He is a national hero in his home country and crowned the very best player on the planet, Modric has been rewarded for his leading role in Croatia’s historic run into the World Cup final along with his club Real Madrid’s third consecutive Champions League trophy.

1. Luka Modric Early Life

Luka Modric endured a brutal childhood for being a refugee after his beloved grandma had been shot dead when he was only six years of age. Whenever the Croatia captain was 6-years-old, his whole presence was rocked by the shooting of his beloved granddad at the hands of militant thugs, and he was forced to exist being a refugee within his eponymous homeland.

The captain of France’s World Cup final competitors needed his entire Football world turned upside down when his beloved granddad was gunned down by Serbian thugs and was forced to reside like a refugee But despite such hardship, that didn’t block the demanding kid from going on to become among the better players on the planet and now aged 32, an international superstar.

2. Modric Net Worth $50 million

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Modric combined Real Madrid about a $37.72 million transport fee in 2012. In 2013, 2018, he makes $180,000 a week. His yearly salary is roughly $12.5 million. The estimated net worth of this Croatian known as above $50 million.

3. Luka Modric Wife- Vanja Bosnic

Unlike most athletes, Luka was linked to just one woman to whom he’s stayed committed to. Modric and Vanja Bosnic met in 2006 at a cafe in Zagreb. At the moment, Luka was 19, and Vanja had been 2 4. Four years of communicating, they got married. The happy couple now has three kids together.

4. Modric Hobby- Football and Family

Whenever you ask a few players in their hobbies, like watching movies, partying or travel. But for your Real Madrid midfielder, life is about the two Fs – both Football and Family.

5. Luka Modric Cars Collection

Luka Modric resides an experience along with his automobile collection is significant. But he possesses a number of the luxury cars on the planet. The Car brands owned by Luka Modric comprise Lexus, Audi, and Range Rover.

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