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Mustafizur’s unique record in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (CWC)

Mustafizur's unique record
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (CWC): Mustafizur’s unique record in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Mustafizur Rahman’s bowling could not raise big totals in Ezbaston As a result, the goal that is standing in front of Bangladesh is not too big to chase. Mustafiz’s stellar bowling has brought the team to the ball even after the start of the ball. Together, ‘The Fees’ has been a unique record.

On the basis of this record, the cricketer Master ‘Abdur Razzak has left behind the cricketer. One of the greatest spinners of the country’s cricket, taking 13 wickets in World Cup, he was the highest wicket-taker in any World Cup. But now he has exceeded Mustafizur Rahman.

Before the match on Tuesday (June 2), Mustafiz had 10 wickets in the World Cup. India’s batting line-up scared 5 wickets and took the number 15. As a result, Razzak’s record has fallen behind.

In 2007, Razzak made 13 wickets for the hosts. In the World Cup held in West Indies, Bangladesh came in Super Eights, behind which Razzak’s revolutions were a big contribution.

While Razzaq is behind this record, left-arm spinner sitting next to Mustafiz’s other record is sitting beside the left-hander.

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Mustafizur Rahman, who was the first to get 5 wickets in one-day internationals, which was only before Razzak Both Razzaq and Mustafiz have taken 5 wickets in ODIs 4 times. Shakib Al Hasan has made this fact two times, last time (against Afghanistan) for the second time in the match.

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