Neymar’s hat-trick to win the title Barca

Neymar's hat-trick to win the title Barca

Barcelona have not had the option of winning against Las Palmas for survival in the La Liga title. Brazilian star Neymar’s hat-trick helped him win a great 4-1 win in the hope that Luis Enrique’s team survived. The other goal for Barca was scored by Uruguayan star Luis Suarez.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid beat Sevilla 4-1 in another match on the same night. As a result, the two points of the last rival team are now 87. Barcelona are at the top in the face of a face-off, but Zinedine Zidane’s team is more likely to win the title in less than a match.

On Sunday night, Barcelona went on to win at the beginning of the field. In the 25th minute, Neymar made Barca in front of the team negotiations. Two minutes of goal again. Neymar does not have the chance to increase the goal difference with Suarez.

Las Palmas reduced the gap in 63 minutes after the break. From the right side, Boateng crosses the ball into the ball Pedro Bigas. If Luis Enrique thinks of any danger, it does not take much time to get rid of it. Brazil’s Superstar Neymar scored the hat-trick with two goals in the 67th and 71st minute and ensured the win.

If Barcelona win their last match, they also have to rely on Real Madrid to win the title. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the champion for the first time since 2012, after earning 4 points in Real 2 matches.