On the night of Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored two goals

On the night of Real Ronaldo scored two goals

What was the record was, of course, it was inevitable. The team that scored 61 goals, they will not score in the field, it is not! Real Madrid scored a goal in the 62nd match. Joy is with you! Sevilla’s 4-1 win over Real Madrid

Bayern Munich’s record for the top five goals scored in Europe was so long Bayern, who won the treble from Yup Hanks, sent the ball to the opponent’s net in 61 matches in the book, also under Pep Guardiola. The record went on in two days to the Zinedine Zidane party.

Reality is the record, it is sure to be strange. Marco Essenio was fouled outside the Sevilla de-box in 10 minutes. When the eyes of the Sevilla Defenders looked at that, then it appeared nacho. The Defender took a free kick on the whole.

The shot is shocking to everyone. Orvitism of the Sevilla Defenders did not come in any way. Because, the referee kept the shot that allowed it. But who thought, Cristiano Ronaldo, a defender in the team of Hamas Rodriguez, will take the shot himself!

Ronald was not too late to score goals. After 13 minutes, the team went ahead 2-0.
Then he made a lot of efforts to return to Sevilla. In the first half, Steven Yolotich could have scored only four goals. Once the goalpost, and the second twice, the goal of the Kierrea is to score this forward.

But at the beginning of the second half, he could not stop him. In the 49th minute, Yovetic scored his second goal of the match. Because, because of the setting of Casemero, Real Reservation was going loose. Zidane himself also misunderstood and called in the 60 minutes of the match as a replacement for Kasemiro. The team’s format also changed from 4-4-2 to the preferred 4-3-3.

Lucas Vasequez and Luca Modrich dropped down and finished the rest Zidane. Real use has been repeatedly attacked by using two wings. Ronaldo scored the second goal in the 78th minute and confirmed that the hosts were the winner of this match.

In the 83rd minute, the last match of Bernabeu was played in Tony Crosse from the passage of Nacho Pass in this season.