Real Madrid committed to keep Zidane


After winning the Champions League with Real Madrid president Perez phlorenatino said to Zidane, “Zidane was the best player in the world, is now the coach of the world.” Real success for this year, as usual, continuously displaying the message Zidane said. The contract with Real Madrid is about to end, the Real Madrid captain on the way to sleep

Real-time officials of Zimbabwe to keep Zidane at any cost The club’s president Florentino Perez has said that he is now the first and the main goal of Real Madrid to make a new contract with Zinedine Zidane. Earlier, Perez said that if Zidane wanted, he could stay in Madrid for the rest of his life

Perez commented on the joy of winning the title twice after winning Juventus in the Champions League. After the club’s return to the end of the season, renewing the contract with 45-year-old French star is now the main work of Madrid, Perez said.

Perez said in the local media, ‘Of course he is safe. After returning from vacation, our first job will be to renew the contract with him. Nobody knows this club and dressing room better than him. For the last 17 months, he has brought success to the club, and has succeeded in it. Often he tried to avoid the future of the club due to the media. But I want to make sure that I want to keep up with him, even if the club does not win. ‘

The winning goal came from Zidane leg.

On 7 May 2006 Zidane played his last match on Real Madrid’s jersey at the Santiago Bernabo stadium. This is a classic player that day in honor of the club logo on the bottom of his team-mates, “Zidane 20012006” written with wore special jerseys.

Real Madrid to play the whole time and was congratulated by supporters after the game he was thunderous applause.That murhumuhu love Thousands of fans drenched in tears tonight Zidane said goodbye to Real Madrid.