Real Madrid to jump from the start-Zidane Zidan


The two teams will face Kaladan at the venue of the Atletikar on Wednesday. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick in the first leg was won by Real 3-0 at home. Zidane told about the plans in the previous day’s press conference.

“In the match we play in each match, we are going to play with the same attitude – it’s our goal to try to win the match well.”

“We want to play well and win the match with 100 percent. Then see what happens. But we are going to have confidence in the way we do our work, the way we try to win. ”

Zidane does not want to lose his confidence even if he believes in his plan. “I do not think that we will score goals. The opposite is actually the opposite. We will try to score, we will always try to play well like this. ”

“What we have to do is pay 100 percent for the win. Because the competition took place eight or nine months and the players have worked very hard at this time. ”

Zidane has warned the disciples that the work of the first leg did not end with the big victory. Ronaldo-Ramosara is also thinking similarly to believe that the coach.

“I think, we’ve done very well till now. But Atletico will prove himself again in the field. Then Sunday (in La Liga match against Sevilla) and the next week. ”

“I do not think there is a problem with the attitude of the players after winning 3-0. Football is at risk; You have to play, you do not win until the last flute is played. If you want to go ahead, you have to perform better. “