Ronaldo and his family survived from danger

Ronaldo and his family survived from danger

Cristiano Ronaldo is having a good pre-season with his family. This Portuguese star of Real Madrid is touring Paradise Island on the Spanish side of Spain with other members of the family and friends who retire.

But there is no saving! Spain’s armed duty detective officials stopped the Ronaldo yacht (publicity) in search of the sea. But he got rid of the danger.

Apart from girlfriend Georgina, mother Dolores and other family members, Ronaldo is on vacation with some close friends. Ronaldo’s yacht was going to a restaurant on the island to eat. At that time, a team from the Customs Department of Customs appeared on the big boat. Armed officials of the Customs Department surrounded Ronaldo’s yacht.

Ronaldo’s yacht then searched the yacht, the customs officials. In the presence of customs officials during the vacation, there was also a surprise that CR Seven himself. However, he has not officially said anything about this yet. During the inspection, the customs officials recorded their cameras in the camera.

The Spanish media said Ronaldo was very quiet at the time. During this time, he did not speak to the officials or did not ask anything about what was happening. One of Ronaldo’s relatives, who has been responsible for the administrative work, has shown the necessary documents and has shown the necessary documents to the officials.

On behalf of the Customs Division, it has been said that Ronaldo’s yacht was seen as part of regular inspection. Customs officials appeared there to verify whether the yatans remaining in the vacation were paying their employer’s tax properly.