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Cricket World Cup 2019- Shakib’s records in Afghanistan match

Shakib's records in Afghanistan match
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: In World Cup 2019 Shakib Al Hasan’s records in Afghanistan match. Shakib Al Hasan’s excellent all-round performance helped Bangladesh win 62 runs against Afghanistan The all-rounder, who has been the owner of numerous records, has done a great job in saving the dream of the World Cup 2019 semi-final.

Let’s take a look at Shakib’s remarkable achievements on winning the team-

1#. Shakib established the unique role of the World Player of the Year as the only cricketer to get 400 or more runs in a particular format and more than 10 or more wickets.

2#. Shakib got 50 or more runs and 5 wickets in the same match as the only second cricketer in World Cup history. India’s Yuvraj Singh was seen in front of the all-rounder in 2011 against Ireland in 2011.

3#. The 32-year-old cricketer who won three match-winning awards as the only Bangladeshi cricketer in the World Cup.

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4#. In the World Cup history Shakib is the second cricketer who has taken two hundreds in the same tournament as well as four wickets in two matches.

5#. Shakib was the first Bangladeshi bowler to take 5 wickets in the World Cup today. Earlier, no other Bangladeshi bowler was able to make the mark.

6#. Shakib is the only cricketer in the history of the World Cup with 30 wickets in hand as well as a 1,000-run record with a bat.

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