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Six Football Club Managers with most Defeats in Premier League history

Six Football Club Managers

Football fans across the globe might need to put on with common Leagues with just two weeks to pave a way of its global break that is boring. The attention now changes to UEFA Nations AFCON League and also Copa America qualifiers Amongst Others. Now, even as we continue to take pleasure from football.

1. Harry Red Knapp- 239 EPL Losses

Harry Red Knapp

Former Tottenham Hotspurs boss Harry Redknapp has lost. The Englishman coached Portsmouth, Southampton, West Ham, QPR and Bournemouth among many others. On the other hand, he helped Spurs reach UEFA Champions League quarter-finals throughout his time. He also converted Gareth Bale once again to a winger from the back that was abandoned. Fans won’t ever forget him because he helped them lift FA Cup at 2008. He lost out of 642 he managed 239 suits, 167 were pulls.

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2. Steve Bruce- 207 EPL Losses

Steve Bruce

Manchester United legend Steve Bruce has an awful record in the premier league as it comes to management. He’s dropped a total of 207 games in Top Flight in Crystal Palace Hull City, Birmingham City, Sunderland, along with Wigan Athletics amongst other people. He brought the others and won 132.

3. Sam Allardyce- 199 EPL Losses

Sam Allardyce

Big Sam Allardyce does not have any job for the very first time in many decades. This clearly shows how bad English managers are currently doing inside their domestic league these days. His previous post was at Everton, but after saving them from the shed, they chose to appoint Marco Silva on a permanent foundation. The manager has lost 1-99 League matches. He’s also handled one of Bolton, Crystal Palace, West Ham, other people, Sunderland, and Newcastle.

4. Mark Hughes- 179 EPL Losses

Mark Hughes

Southampton manager Mark Hughes has now lost a 179 premier league games he’s handled. The Welshman brought 1 2 3 the others and won 158. His job in 2013 is to conserve Saints. He’s also managed Manchester City, Fulham, and Blackburn Rovers, along with QPR.

5. David Moyes- 178 EPL Losses

David Moyes

Former West Ham and Everton boss David Moyes are Outside in the cold. He helped rescue the Hammers. However, the management didn’t need to give a contract to him. When he took over from Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, the Scott problems began. He has handled 526 Premier League won 204 matches, attracted 144 and lost 178 the others.

6. Arsene Wenger- 153 EPL Losses

Arsene Wenger

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was able to manage 828 premier league games. He lost 153 drew on 1 99 and won 476 of these. He also delivered 3 League names and a few FA Cups and some the many others. He will remain a legend of these Gunners.

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