Top Six Clubs won Player of the Month Award in Primer League former times

Top Six Clubs won Player of the Month Award

UEFA Champions League and Europa League are going to be back in activity beginning with tonight around Europe. Manchester United and rivals Manchester City will play Hoffenheim along with Valencia and away respectively. While Messi will relish Wembley again this time against Tottenham 19, Liverpool will travel to handle Napoli in Naples. Today, as we wait to be entertained by European football, let’s recognise six clubs together with Player of the Month awards.

1. Man United- 34 Player of the Month Awards

Old Trafford enjoyed the best stars. It is simple to understand why the club leads using 3-4 wins in Player of the Month awards dining table. A total of 18 players won those awards. Wayne Rooney won Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo and 5 won all others to 4. Manchester United dominated the Premier league between 1992 and Also 2013; If Sir Alex Ferguson left the Team. The Red Devils increased the League 1 3 times throughout this period to overtake Liverpool.

2. Arsenal- 28 Player of the Month Awards


He also became the first player to score 100 PL goals at a single ground. He’s the only player ever to have won the FWA Footballer of the Year three occasions [2006, 2003, 2004] Thierry Henry has won the most Golden Boot awards from Premier League history.

3. Liverpool- 25 Player of the Month Awards


Liverpool has finally woken up after more than 30 years of heavy sleep in English top flight football. Until Sir Alex Ferguson arrived in Manchester United, the Reds had been the sins of Europe. The wave changed, but the swing is currently moving into the Merseyside. Jurgen Klopp side is joint-top of the dining table along with Manchester City. Anfield has enjoyed 25 Player of the Month awards. Former Captain Steven Gerrard holds the Premier League album with six honours along with Harry Kane.

4. Tottenham- 22 Player of the Month Awards


England is very likely to specify when he remains in the premier league before 21, an archive that’s unbreakable. 2-2 awards that were monthly have been received by the team in total.

5. Chelsea- 18 Player of the Month Awards


Chelsea fans won’t believe when it involves Premier League Player of the Month awards Tottenham Hotspurs is way before these. The Blues have introduced five League names as Roman Abramovich took on the team. But, they are not far better compared to their London rivals. Stamford Bridge has received 18 Player of the Month awards given by 1 3 players as 1992. Arsenal contains 28 and Tottenham are all 4th with 2-2 awards.

6. Man City- 11 Player of the Month Awards

Since 1992, Etihad has renowned 1-1 Player of the Month awards delivered by seven players. Sergio Aguero is their player ever with five monthly awards. Manchester City has been a middle dining table club earlier 2008 when billionaire Sheikh Monsour bought the club. They are a force in Europe but also in the Premier League.

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