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Trump and Obama congratulate- US golf legend Tiger Woods

US golf legend Tiger Woods

Golf Star Tiger Woods Tremendous Achievement:  In principle, they are two poles. But for one night, Tiger Woods united the current two former US presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama in an all-out affair. Trump and Obama congratulate US golf legends in a very similar language.

Tennis legend Serena Williams has become obsessed with Woods fame. NBA legend Magic Johnson floats in the air. Woods banned the entire sports world beyond the US golf border.

Golf emperor wrote the story of one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. Woods won the 7th major title of his career at the age of 8 after suffering a three-year drought. More precisely, a Major Trophy came into his hands after 7 days! Major trophies in golf are just as adorable as the Tennis grand-slam. Woods proved once again that he was the champion at the Augusta Masters on Sunday, never having a final say on the champions.

When Woods won his 8th Major Trophy at the US Open in 28, where he would stop, it was just as much imagination. But the following year, a devastating storm destroyed his life career. Woods became the villain overnight in a woman scandal. The world of happiness is broken.

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After the divorce with his wife, Elin, the devastating injury almost made him paralyzed. It was a tough challenge for him to return to the golf course in the face of seven surgeries in his knees and spine. Who is responsible for standing upright, he did not lift the Major Trophy! After so many years with the triumph of Woods, he was so overwhelmed with the triumph of a great friend that he returned to heaven.

Winning the Masters title after 3 years is also an unprecedented feat. He won his first major title in August at the Augusta Masters. His celebrated companion that day was Father Earl. This time Woods hugged his mother and two children.

Woods could not hold himself back after winning the title by playing 5 shots less than Parr, ‘a feeling of iniquity. I went through a very difficult road and completed a cycle. My children have come to watch the game. I came here with my father in the 5th. Today I am a father, my children are here! It has never been so difficult to win a title in life. No one knows how my time went by.

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